Information for New Cowboy Action Shooters


We are a SASS® affiliated club so we follow SASS® rules. Go to their website to learn more. Their web site is a wealth of information.  There you will find the rulebook, places to shoot, links to just about everything having to do with this sport and a whole lot more.

Feel free to visit the CT Valley Bushwackers or a any SASS® affiliated club near you to acquaint yourself with how we run a cowboy action shooting match. There are always plenty of cowboy action shooters on hand to help you get started and they are more than willing to help. You will want to pay special attention to the safety procedures during the match.  The SASS® motto is: "SAFETY FIRST, LAST, AND ALWAYS"

You will find plenty of information by visiting some of the cowboy action shooting boards on the internet. You will find that your fellow cowboy action shooters love to chew the fat and you can learn a whole lot from folks with first hand experience. See our links page for a list of board to visit.

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